About Helen:

Born a daughter of a greengrocer I started work in retail early on. I started work at AMRO Bank after school (whilst still working in my parents’ store during weekends and holidays…..). Still fascinated by the business side of life I became an account manager business relations at AMRO (later ABN AMRO) Bank and spoke to a variety of entrepreneurs / business owners on a daily bases and witnessed their business decisions (good and bad). Part of the job was attending and organising the corporate events, amongst other the golf (clinic) events. I was grabbed by the golf sport instantaneously and spent many hours before and after work on the golf course. One of the bank clients was the owner of a wholesale in golf equipment, retail golf shops and driving ranges. As my parents at the time had sold their shop I had “free time” during weekends and (bank)holidays. I started helping out a few hours a week on the accounts department at the golf company. In the next  years I was more and more drawn into the world that is golf. In 2007 I decided to follow my heart and left the banking world and took over part of the shares in the golf wholesale and retail business, where from 2011 I was responsible for the retail side (sales, purchase, staff, etc) and also got more drawn into club fitting. In 2015 we sold our retail and my business partner continued with the wholesale.

I helped one of the best club fitters to set up his club fitting company and after a few months found myself at a cross road. Having worked almost non-stop for 7 days a week for many years, I took a few months “sabbatical” and first traveled to Spain to spend a few months under the Sun. January 2016 I got the opportunity to connect with Kelvin Miyahira, an outstanding, very knowledgeable, golf coach, swing analyst and inventor, who I already followed on the internet for many years. Very much looking forward to meet him in person I traveled to Florida, USA. I was not disappointed ! Not even was it great to meet “The Man” himself and get great insights during his workshop on the golf swing and coaching, but I also met a few outstanding “Kelvin-followers” and golf coaches like Denny Lucas, Lloyd Higley, Birgir Björnsson and Fabian Lozano Medina. During this meet I also spoke to Kelvin about his invention “Impact Snap” golf training aid. He referred me to Martin Nowicki, who had taken on the sales of Impact Snap. I met with Marty at the PGA Golf Show 2016 and secured the exclusive distribution rights for Europe. March 2016 I moved from the Netherlands to the UK, where I worked as an assistent store manager and club fitter, improving peoples swing and golf equipment each day, at a golf retail chain in Bristol, UK, whilst growing my business bringing Impact Snap into Europe. August 2016 was another milestone for me when I met Peter Hudson, director of WGTF GB & Ireland, when I was exhibiting with Impact Snap at the London Golf Show. My journey as a member of WGTF GB & Ireland started and I was getting even more insights in coaching and the golf swing. Many of the golf coaches I met in my travels and day-to-day life were very interested in using Impact Snap in their lessons and many golfers wanted to get their hands on their own Impact Snap. Over the years Impact Snap has helped many golfers to improve their swing and I am proud to be part of that.

In 2018 I moved back to the Netherlands (due to my parents health issues, which are fortunately still with us). We are still growing as a business and Impact Snap is finding its way amongst golfers around Europe more and more. The journey continues… !

About Marty:

Owner of the IMPACT SNAP and www.impactsnap.com, a golf instructor since 1993, a 4-time PGA Teacher of the year, Marty has worked with, under or hosted 12 of the Top 100 golf instructors in the world.  He’s learned a lot from Kelvin Miyahira about the physiology of the micro moves of the full golf swing. Marty is also PGA specialty certified in coaching and teaching.

Marty teaches full time at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Upstate NY.

Marty has been nominated for the 2016 PGA National Teacher of the Year.

    "I could use the IMPACT SNAP in every lesson and students would get better." 

    Scott Seifferlein, PGA

    "It works. I have taught golf for fifty five years and this device stands alone. Congratulations to you all."

    John Hobbins, 2015 Met Section Teacher of the Year.

    "I am 66 years old and I have been playing for 55 years. In mid December I purchased an IMPACT SNAP. I can't say enough good things about this product. I have a garage full of useless golf training aids, but yours works. For the first time I understand how

    A.J. Avoli, Director of Instruction, Omni La Costa

    "I really believe it gets you into the impact position that I've been teaching everyone... but it highlights how to get into that position more efficiently." 

    Shawn Clement, CPGA

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