If you wish to pay for your Impact Snap device via creditcard
please follow these instructions:

At “Step 5 in Check Out screen” select as preferred payment method “PayPal”

Check the box regarding General Terms & Conditions and click on “continue”
Step 6 = Confirm order.

You will automatically be directed to a PayPal Checkout screen.
Scroll down and click “Check Out as Guest” (You don’t have to set up or log in to a PayPal account!!)

You will automatically be directed to a screen where you can pay with your credit card. Fill out your credit card details,
billing address and contact information.
At the bottom of the screen you are asked again if you wish to set up a PayPal account. If you don’t want to do this
just click “No Thanks” and after that click “Pay Now”.

If any problems occur please don’t hesitate to contact us: targetsidegolf@gmail.com

Thank you !


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